Terms of Use

All our images are cleared and ready to go!

Our images are previously cleared through our parent company AIONART

AIONART is based in Vancouver, Canada. It provides cleared art pieces for Film, TV and Commercials.


Use for the images on this website are explained below.


Owner of Purchase is allowed to print the images downloaded from our website for Film or TV productions worldwide.

For all other uses please contact us.


The images can be used for the duration of one production, this would include all seasons of a TV show, the run of a commercial or movie, for example.

4 multiple prints can be made with 1 digital download.

Multiple prints beyond that are prohibited.


You can not use the same license for two seperate productions.
In this case you must download the image again.


Image Sizes

Small: 2400px @ 180ppi on the long size or up to appr. 16in / 40cm

Medium: 4800px @ 180ppi on the long side or up to appr. 27in / 68cm

Large: 8000px @ 180ppi on the long side or up to appr. 44in / 110cm

X-large: Original size of the artwork @ 180ppi

Owner of purchase is allowed to change the size of the image. Only, in order to fit a frame up to 4 inches in both directions.

Above that you have to purchase the next larger license to size up.


Owner of purchase is not allowed to crop, edit or distort the images from their original form.

If editing needs to be done, an additional extended license will need to be purchased, please contact us in that case.


All our images are color calibrated with an sRGB profile and ready to be printed.
AION ART and Cleared Digital Art are not responsible for the printing result.


If your clearance department is requesting a release form, We will gladly sign and send it back within one business day.
Our prices are in Canadian Currency (CAD).


Please note, that we operate in the Pacific Standard Time zone.
Monday to Friday 9am -5pm

If you have questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate.

email: info@cleareddigitart.com

phone: +1-778-379 9119



With your download, you are agreeing of the above terms of use.